Community Allotment


A small group of volunteers run a Community Allotment near the church in Clanfield. The aim of this allotment is to grow food which we put on the Sharing Shelves for the community. The produce is free, although we are happy to have small contributions towards the costs of running the allotment. People are encouraged to put their own garden produce on the shelves in exchange. We want to promote sharing good local food with everyone!

The busiest times on the allotment are naturally the spring, for planting, and the late summer, for harvesting. Our volunteers work on a weekly rota throughout the season for watering and tending the crops. We meet up regularly at the allotment to work together and then to go to the pub!

At our Sustainable Saturdays community allotment volunteers run a stall for either plant or seedling exchange or produce exchange – depending on the time of year.

Would you like to join us to create something lovely in a beautiful environment? Please email:


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