One Planet Clanfield

A community action group determined to inspire action towards a more sustainable future

During the first lockdown in 2020, we decided to set up a group to start making a local impact on our community. From Sustainability Saturdays to a community allotment we have already made some great progress. This is the place to be to find out more about what we are up to and our plans for the future or check out our Facebook page for even more current news.

Our aim is to provide a forum for the local community to learn about living sustainably and to encourage each other to take positive action towards living within the natural limits of the planet.

We were inspired by Bioregional a social enterprise that champions a better more sustainable way to live. If we continue to follow current UK lifestyles, we will need three planets to sustain us!

We want to take action to create places that enable people to live happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. Bioregional have developed the One Planet Living Framework with ten principles. These principles provide a common language to talk about sustainability and how to drive positive change.

We've now added Heat Clanfield to the One Planet Clanfield webiste. You can find the latest information and updates about the sustainable and affordable heat nework project for our community by clicking 'Heat Clanfield' in the top menu. You will find the presentation from the introductory meeting and the link to download the survey, which we would be so grateful if you could complete and return to us.

One Planet Clanfield is a member of CAG Oxfordshire. A community of over 100 action groups working together to make Oxfordshire a safer, fairer, greener, more sustainable place to live, work and visit. You can find out more about CAG Oxfordshire and the amazing work all of the members are doing at CAG Oxfordshire website.

One Planet Clanfield are a member of the Low Carbon Hub. The Low Carbon Hub's ambition is for the whole of Oxfordshire to be powered by an interconnected series of smart micro-grids centred around multiple small scale, community controlled renewable energy schemes. Each year, Oxfordshire spends £1.5 billion on energy. By encouraging energy efficiency, increasing local energy generation, supporting the shift to electric transport and championing community ownership, Low Carbon Hub is ensuring that more of this money stays local. In the process, we are creating a better energy template for not just Oxfordshire but the whole of the UK.